One drink is too many and 1000 aren’t enough

The question many people have is why me …. or why my son or daughter or my mom or dad.  The disease of addiction knows no boundaries.  It affects all life styles all cultures and economic classes.  It doesn’t discriminate.  We can all become addicted it has a lot to do with genetics and environment.   Other underlying factors could be childhood issues, trauma, abuse, bulling – you know the many things that happen to us that make us feel “Less than.” “Not as good as,” “I just don’t measure up.” “I don’t fit in.”

When we feel that way we often find that a drink or two helps.  Soon its three or four and then we are out of control.  The old saying “One drink is too many and 1000 aren’t enough.”  I know people who do not have the addiction do not understand us, and the way we think.  I have always believed the only reason to drink is to get drunk.  Our disease is progressive and terminal.  Things will get progressively worse over time and it will eventually kill us.  There is a solution to the problem, that i will get into more and more in these pages.

wondering if you have drinking problem – here is a questionnaire to help.Are you an alcoholic?

  1. These questions were developed by Johns Hopkins University Hospital to determine whether or not a person is suffering from alcoholism. Ask yourself the following questions, and answer them as HONESTLY as you can.

    Yes No
    1. Do you lose time from work due to drinking?
    2. Is drinking making your home life unhappy?
    3. Do you drink because you are shy with other people?
    4. Is drinking affecting your reputation?
    5. Have you ever felt remorse after drinking?
    6. Have you gotten into financial difficulties as a result of drinking?
    7. Do you turn to lower companions and an inferior environment when     drinking?
    8. Does your drinking make you careless of your family’s welfare?
    9. Has your ambition decreased since drinking?
    10. Do you crave a drink at a definite time daily?
    11. Do you want a drink the next morning?
    12. Does drinking cause you to have difficulty in sleeping?
    13. Has your efficiency decreased since drinking?
    14. Is drinking jeopardizing your job or business?
    15. Do you drink to escape from worries or troubles?
    16. Do you drink alone?
    17. Have you ever had a loss of memory (blackout) as a result of drinking?
    18. Has your physician ever treated you for drinking?
    19. Do you drink to build up your self-confidence?
    20. Have you ever been to a hospital or institution on account of drinking?

    If you have answered YES to any one of the questions, that is a definite warning that you MAY be an alcoholic. If you answered YES to any two, CHANCES ARE that you are an alcoholic. If you answered YES to three or more, YOU ARE DEFINITELY AN ALCOHOLIC.



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