Living our lives clean and sober

The Importance of having an Addiction Recovery Plan

One of the most gratifying things in my life is now living my life clean and sober. Its always good to have an addiction recovery plan and follow it.  this is often referred to as a Relapse prevention plan.  With out a plan we have no idea where we are going.

Its one thing to stop drinking or drugging, but its entirely another thing to start changing things in your life.  Many new comers say “Just tell me what i have to change, and I will do it.”  My response to them is this, “You have to change EVERYTHING in your life.” with maybe the exception of your wife and kids, and that may have to change as well.

SOME SIMPLE MYTHS – you will hear in recovery rooms

RELAPSE IS INEVITABLE – Understand that relapse is common, but it isn’t inevitable.  I am inclined to think that it is as a result of finding excuses, our brain wants a fix and will come up with great ideas why we should relapse.

RELAPSE MEANS FAILURE – if we relapse we certainly have not failed.  I like to think of it as a bump in the road.  It is a learning moment.  What weren’t we doing prior to the relapse.  We will talk more about that in another post.

RELAPSE CAN’T BE PREVENTED = We have to recognize the symptoms and we’re honest with our recovery community and our sponsor.

These are but a few myths about relapse, if we are working our program and looking after ourselves – there is no reason to relapse.  A great book written by a fellow I did some training with at the Betty Ford Center, Dr. Harry HAROUTUNIAN is a good read.  Simple language and great material. Dr. Harry is a medical doctor who really understands addiction as he too is an alcoholic.
The following is a write up on the book.  I do encourage getting it and reading it.

As Featured on The Dr. Oz Show in Special Addiction Episode with Steven Tyler**
The disease of addiction affects 1 out of 10 people in the United States, and is a devastating―often, fatal―illness. Now, from the physician director of the renowned Betty Ford Center, comes a step-by-step plan with a realistic “one-day-at-a-time” approach to a disease that so often seems insurmountable. With a focus on reclaiming the power that comes from a life free of dependency,Being Sober walks readers through the many phases of addiction and recovery without judgment or the overly “cultish” language of traditional 12-step plans.

It also addresses the latest face of this disease: the “highly functioning” addict, or someone who is still able to achieve personal and professional success even as they battle a drug or alcohol problem. Dr. Haroutunian tackles this provocative issue head-on, offering new insight into why you don’t have to “bottom out” to get help. Dr. Haroutunian is himself a recovering alcoholic and knows firsthand the challenges of sobriety. His background and expertise in the field of alcohol and drug treatment give him a powerful edge and perspective that is unparalleled in his field.

Using clear, straightforward language, Being Sober offers a proven path toward an emotional sobriety and a rewarding new life based on gratitude, dignity, and self-respect.
Including a Foreword written by Steven Tyler.