One of the many fee for services we offer is sobriety coaching.  We have an eight week coaching course which includes one hour of one on one coaching.  Text support and email support.  This is something that is done face to face with local people, however it can be done with clients anywhere in the world.  It is amazing what technology will allow us to do.  We find Sobriety coaching often makes the difference between success and failure, in recovery.

Are you struggling just going to meetings?  Maybe you aren’t going to meetings at all and you need lots of encouragement and help.  We offer  lessons with practical work assignments to help you understand this disease.  There are many publications that will help as you understand your disease and help with the program.  We provide work sheets and all the support, guidance and help you will need.  We have great success with the coaching program. I want to be up front with you – sometimes – our clients need residential treatment and we are not afraid to recommend that, if the coaching seems to be premature. In that case coaching certainly will help you work your plan on release from Treatment.


We find that a lot of local folks find this very beneficial in conjunction with 12 Step or smart recovery meetings.  It is also really beneficial for those folks that live in rural areas where meetings and support are a long ways away.  With coaching there is always someone close by to chat with and to get help from. While addiction recovery is our specialty we find that we end up coaching in many different areas, from business to relationships and many other areas.

We coach busy business people who find they have trouble getting to meetings and working a good program due to travel.  Your sobriety coach is available on line and on the phone.  Coming soon will be online group counseling and also on line group teaching and information sessions.  We look forward to serving you with life issues.  Feel free to contact us, all conversations are held in the strictest of confidence and will not be shared with anyone.