Faith in Recovery


This is an area that many people shy away from.  Many people say that AA is religious program.  I am here to tell you that it is not religious.  It is however a spiritual program,.  For me religion is driven in from the out side.  It is about rules, regulations, rituals.  All about the things you have to do or you don’t have to do.  So it the right way or you will certainly go to hell.

The program of AA is spiritual.  It asks you to believe that there is something bigger and better than you out there.  What ever that might be.  That is for you to determine, but we find that people who find their higher power – the GOD of their understanding  – seem to have far more success.  Having Faith, having Faith that you can do this program, having Faith that you can change.  Having Faith that your life will turn around.  I am going to recommend a book or two for you to read to help in this area.

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Below I am placing some messages I have delivered at Central United Church in their Recovery Service on Sunday Night.

We often wonder how we will get through fearful situations. I gave a message at our recover service awhile ago called “Faith conquers Fear” i would like to share it with you